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The working principle is:when air come into the air room,it will become opposite turbulent flow and intercept the water,it no need stable or high flow,then air will come to guide plate,guide plate make the air rotate strongly,the water,oil or other impurity which carried by air,will be seperated to the inwall of filter bowl under centrifugal force,then come to the bottom of filter bowl,this monment the air already seperate water,oil and other big impurity,it will be fitrated again by filter cartridge,eliminate very small solid granule,finally the air is very clean coming out from the outlet.QQ图片20190108160230.jpg

1. The trap efficiency for oil more than 93%,for water more than 99.997%.

2.The trap efficiency for impurity can be 99%,for Staphylococcus aureus can be 99.998%

3.no need electricity,no need coolants,energy conservation and environment protection.

4.using macromolecule PE filter cartridge.

5.can manual clean the product regularly.


Working principle

The left side air come in,open the ball valve 2,and close the ball valve 3, the air after the product and come out from the right side.

How to clean?

Air come in from left side,close the ball valve 2 and open the ball valve 3,keep it 1 minute.when clean,of course between the two ball valves 3,it need one tube to connect.



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