Position :  Most of the existing mufflers adopt the principle of impedance compound muffler.

Most of the existing mufflers adopt the principle of impedance compound muffler.


Most of the existing mufflers adopt the principle of impedance compound muffler. Due to the complex structure, heavy weight, high temperature oxidation of sound absorption fillers, high-speed air impact sound absorption fillers, water permeation sound absorption fillers and other reasons, mufflers are prone to frequent maintenance, poor silencing effect, short use cycle and so on.

This has always been a difficult point in the design of mufflers. The design of microperforated mufflers combines the most reasonable muffling principle to solve the above problems and achieves good results. The muffler of microperforated muffler does not use any resistive sound absorption filler, and adopts the structure of microperforated multi-cavity. The high-pressure air flow enters the cavity through multiple flow control in the muffler, and changes the sound frequency of the original air flow step by step. The resistance loss is small, the noise elimination frequency bandwidth is wide, and the dust can not be removed when working. Not afraid of oil mist and water vapor. High temperature resistance, high speed air impact resistance. To make the environmental noise conform to the national noise hygiene standard for industrial enterprises. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile and other industries.

Resistive type

Porous sound-absorbing materials are mainly used to reduce noise. A resistive muffler is formed by fixing sound absorbing materials on the inner wall of the airflow passage or arranging them in a certain way in the pipeline. When sound wave enters a resistive muffler, part of the sound energy is frictioned in the pore of porous material and transformed into heat energy dissipation, which weakens the sound wave passing through the muffler. Resistive mufflers are like pure resistive circuits in electricity. Sound absorbing materials are similar to resistors. Therefore, people call this kind of muffler resistive muffler. Resistive muffler has better muffling effect on medium and high frequencies and worse muffling effect on low frequencies.

Resistant type

It is composed of tubes and chambers with abrupt interfaces. It is like an acoustic filter. Like an electrical filter, each chamber with a tube is a mesh of the filter. The air quality in the tube is equivalent to the electrical inductance and resistance. It is called sound quality and resistance. The volume of air in the chamber corresponds to the electrical capacitance, which is called sonic compliance. Like electrical filters, each cell with a tube has its own natural frequency. When the sound wave with various frequency components enters the first short tube, only some frequencies near the natural frequency of the first mesh can reach the second short tube through the mesh, while other frequencies can not reach the second short tube through the mesh. It can only be reflected back and forth in the cell. Therefore, we call this structure with filtering function for acoustic wave as an acoustic filter. By choosing the appropriate combination of tube and chamber, the noise of some frequency components can be filtered out, so as to achieve the purpose of noise elimination. Resistant mufflers are suitable for eliminating medium and low frequency noise.

The impedance compound muffler is formed by combining the resistance structure and the resistance structure in a certain way.

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