Position :  New type of high efficiency anti-blowout series muffler equipment is widely used

New type of high efficiency anti-blowout series muffler equipment is widely used


New type of high-efficiency anti-blowout muffler series equipment is widely used in power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile and other industrial plants and mines for various types of boilers, steam turbine exhaust; fans; safety doors and other equipment noise reduction. This series of mufflers are developed on the basis of the principle of anti-noise, spraying and resistance compound muffler. They have many advantages, such as large muffler volume, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and no maintenance.

1. TA Type Steam Safety Valve Muffler Suitable for Various Steam Safety Valves

Suitable for power plant boiler safety valve (power release valve), drum safety valve and Superheater safety valve, reheater safety valve and other pressure devices. The steam exhaust should not only avoid excessive noise, but also let the steam flow discharge smoothly without affecting the discharge, take-off and return of the safety valve. For this reason, the usual muffling methods of multi-stage throttling and orifice injection are not suitable. This restriction has always been the difficulty in the design of safety valve muffler and the reason for the poor muffling effect of the safety door muffler. The new TA-type exhaust muffler for safety valve adopts the principle of compound noise reduction with jet impedance. The large hole expansion replaces the smaller diameter orifice, which strengthens the mechanism of resistance and resistance noise reduction in structure, and achieves the effect of noise reduction with higher safety factor.

2. TB Ignition Exhaust Muffler Suitable for Steam Equipment such as Boilers

TB type boiler ignition exhaust muffler synthesizes the most reasonable muffling principle of PB type exhaust muffler. High-pressure steam enters the pressure-reducing body after a flow control in the muffler. After a large volume expansion and pressure reduction, exhaust noise is still higher than the standard value due to many reasons, such as deviation of exhaust steam from the design value. In order to absorb the residual noise effectively, a combined multi-material composite structure sound-resistant hood is designed in the depressor, which is based on the spectrum characteristics of the residual noise emitted by the depressor. When the user installs it according to the requirement, the total noise attenuation can reach 36-42 decibels.

3. TD-type low-pressure steam muffler for all kinds of low-temperature and low-pressure thermodynamic devices

A large number of low-pressure boilers with 0.13Mpa and below are used in various industrial and mining enterprises. There are also a large number of low-pressure thermodynamic devices in the thermal system of power plants, such as back-pressure steam turbine, deaerator, auxiliary pumps, steam turbine oil pumps, boiler continuous sewage discharge, regular sewage discharge, etc. According to the requirement of exhaust pipe, the equipment is equipped with muffler with light structure and more convenient installation. For different objects of noise reduction, special TDb type exhaust muffler, TDy type deaerator muffler and other series of noise reduction products are designed to meet the requirements of users.

4. TC-type special muffler for flushing pipe after test-run cleaning of boilers and installation and maintenance of industrial pipes

TC pipe flushing muffler is a special type of exhaust noise reduction equipment developed to reduce the noise caused by impurities and exhaust gas emission from the flushing pipe outlet during the test blowing of power plant boilers. It can also be used for noise reduction and debris removal of flushing pipes after installation or maintenance of other industrial and civil pipes.

5. PB Series Small Hole Injection Muffler for Gas Emission from Pipeline

PB series small-hole jet muffler is a new generation of noise reduction products developed in 1990s. According to the principle of small-hole pressure-reducing jet muffler, through optimum design, its noise reduction index, safety performance and service life are much better than those of similar products on the market. It can better meet the low, medium and sub-high pressures of power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, paper-making and food industries. Noise reduction needs of exhaust steam (gas) exhaust of various boilers and pressure vessel pipes and their safety valves and relief valves with high pressure, ultra-high pressure and sub-critical parameters.

6. CF-type fan silencer for ventilation ducts

Fan is a kind of universal mechanical equipment, which has a wide range of applications. The production of electric power, mining, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries can not be separated from fan. Noise generated by fans in operation often becomes a hazard affecting workers'health and disturbing the environment. In particular, the aerodynamic noise radiated by the air intakes and outlets of the fans in the neighboring living areas is the main factor of environmental pollution, which forms a public hazard, and is one of the main objects of noise pollution control in China's industrial sector.

7. Exhaust muffler of CP type diesel generator for exhaust muffler of diesel generator

Diesel generator is widely used in the production and operation of industrial and mining enterprises because of its good economic and power performance. Because the smoke discharged during the operation contains a certain amount of smoke (that is, black smoke which is often seen), its phenomenon is caused by incomplete fuel combustion. Therefore, conventional ventilation exhaust mufflers, such as microporous plate mufflers and mufflers with sound absorbing fillers, are absolutely undesirable in this environment, because they can only play a temporary noise reduction.

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